Let’s Meet at Mitsuwa: My journey at the Japanese market

Hey guys! So I take Japanese at my high school, and today the school took some of us to Mitsuwa, a Japanese market in New Jersey. Mitsuwa was a really cool experience for us. We went to the market and bought food from the shops. The shops have lots of really cool things. There is a bookstore that ha lots of Japanese Manga, as well as anime and Japanese fashion magazines and other types of magazines.

We came during lunch time, so we all had lunch in the food court. All the food was really good, and they give you lots of it. There were tempura places, rice places, and so much more.

I got lots of Japanese snacks and candy. As a first time shopper there, I would have to say that it is kind of overwhelming. Plan to stay there a few hours. I would definitely recommend going, and I hope that I can visit again soon.

Here is a vlog of my friends and I at Mitsuwa!

– bookworm727

p.s. I will post about books next time!