Irregular Habits: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and The Irregular at Magic High School

(Just to warm my usual readers, today’s post will talk about k-drama, and anime, and if you’re not into that kind of stuff, then you should skip this post.)

I’m going to be honest and say that I am not really a k-drama(Korean drama) person, and, up until a week ago, I had never before even seen the description to a k-drama, never mind having watched one.

On the other hand, I have some friends who really enjoy k-drama, and one of them was watching one. As she was watching it, I was next to her, and it seemed really interesting. She told me that it is called Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and that she thought I would like it.

So I gave it a shot, and so far I am extremely hooked on it. I’m 12 episodes in, and I think there are 16 in the series. I’m so close to being done, and I want to know what happens, but at the same time, I don’t want it to end.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is about a 27 year old woman, who lives in Korea with her family. Do Bong Soon has a secret, a gift that has been down her family for generations.

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The gift of strength is passed down generation to generation through the matriarchal line. Do Bong Soon has been in love with her best friend In Gook Do, but it has been a one sided love.

When the president of Ain Software sees Do Bong Soon use her incredible strength, he hires her as his bodyguard. With serial kidnappings popping up in Do Bong Soon’s neighborhood, she has a lot to worry about.

You guys should really give this show a chance! Below is the trailer to the show, and if you do watch it, then “viki” is a good website to view it through.

On top of this, I started to watch the anime The Irregular at Magic High School through Netflix. I really enjoyed it, and because I enjoyed it so much, I decided to read the short novels that the anime is based off of.

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(4 1/2 Book worms)

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This show (and book) takes place in the year 2095, when magic has become a new form of science. Tatsuya Shiba and his sister Miyuki are first years at First Magic High School. Miyuki has been labeled as a Course 1 student, dubbed by the others as Blooms, and Tatsuya, a course 2 student (dubbed as a Weed).

The story follows their journeys through the school. Miyuki has a major brother complex, and Tatsuya, a sister complex, and if you’re not into that, then you probably shouldn’t read this. If you don’t mind it though, then you should definitely look into this.

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The OHSHC Trifecta:The anime, manga, and movie that make up Ouran Hist School Host Club

I don’t read まんが(manga) much, but when I do I usually like the ones that I read. My first(and favorite) manga that I have read is Ouran High School Host Club, by Bisco Hatori.

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The story of all of the characters is really interesting, and it is really fun. Some of it can be serious, but most of it is really goofy and funny.  The main character Haruhi, is going to Ouran Academy, a prestigious こおこお-kookoo(high school), as a scholarship student. She is highly intelligent, and studies hard.

On her first day of school she wanders into an empty きょうしつ-kyooshitsu(classroom), in the music hallway. But she comes to find that the classroom is not as empty as she thought.

Inside this music room is where Ouran’s own “Host Club” where young high school age boys “entertain” bored girls. This usually means they cosplay, eat sweets, and talk and flirt with these girls. The 6 boys greet Haruhi and startled, she goes to leave the room.

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While she is walking away from the Host Club, she knocks over an expensive vase that the boys were going to sell at an auction. Because Haruhi broke it, she must be the one to pay for the vase.

Because this is an elite school for the uber rich, the vase is naturally expensive. Haruhi is a scholarship student that does not have the おかね-okane(money) to pay the boys back for the vase.

Since she cannot pay them, she must work for them as a part of the host club, so she can eventually pay back her さいむ-saimu (debt).

Oh, and did I forget to mention that everyone at the school thinks she is a boy? They do. Probably because of her short hair, skinny figure, and the huge glasses that make her large wide eyes appear smaller.

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This story really develops, and by the end of the 18 volume series, and Haruhi and the characters all learn important lessons and make memories and relationships that none of them will ever forget.

I don’t know if you have noticed that the pictures in my post don’t look like a manga or not, but if you have, you are a true fan of OHSHC and manga and anime.

OHSHC is not just a manga, it is also an あにめ(anime), and a movie! I haven’t seen the movie yet, but while it does have an ending different to manga, the anime is extremely good.

Image result for images from OHSHC manga
The Manga
Image result for images from OHSHC anime
The Anime
Image result for images from OHSHC the movie
The Movie

The theme song also gets stuck in your head.

The one above is the English version.

The one above is the Japanese version.

My favorites are Mori and Kyoya(although I love them all), Who are your favorites?


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– bookworm727 p.s. I am looking for manga, book, movie any type of suggestions!!! Don’t be afraid to comment!