Not a False Note: My views on the False Prince

Before I talk about the book,  I want to talk tot you guys about how excited I was when it snowed on Saturday!!!

I love snow! I love when you step outside into the cold, hard snow and you can hear the crunch of every step you make.

The wind comes out in white puffs as your cheeks turn pink from the cold. I also love the fresh smell that comes from snow.The white powder gets squished underneath you boots as you walk outside.

I get so disappointed when snow turns that ugly black color from the dirty streets.  The snow is already melting though:(

Image result for snow (This is the website that I got this picture from. I tried to put it in the caption, but it wouldn’t work, and I was getting annoyed.)


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One of my absolute favorite books ever is The False Prince by Jennifer A. Neilson. I am the type of person who loves books about kingdoms and royalty and things like that, and I knew that I would love this book.

But that wasn’t the only thing that drew me to this book. Let’s be honest now. The saying,


“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

is a completely empty saying.

Most readers know that most of the time, when they are looking for books to read, the don’t carefully read the backs of every book in the store.

They browse and look around at the covers and title’s on all the books, and when one stands out to them, they pick up the book and then they read the back.

Image result for books with nice covers
See how these are colorful and they stand out?

It is safe to say that I did that with this book, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I was really drawn to Sage and his character, and how he wasn’t greedy, and he just wanted to live his life. I feel like this really sums up Sage and all of his strengths and weaknesses,

“If I had to do it all over again, I would not have chosen this life. Then again, I’m not sure I ever had a choice”- Sage, Page 1 The False Prince

Having this on the first page of the book, also gives a sense of foreboding. It gets you thinking, “What could have happened to him where he would think like this? Where he would image the whole world against him”.

Sage, an orphan boy from the city of Carthya, is picked up off of the streets for his uncanny resemblance to the lost prince Jarron.

He must compete with four other orphans to impersonate Jarron and eventually be the king of Carthya. But, if he loses, he faces the very real possibility of death, for Conner, the man running this hoax of a contest, will not let anyone ruin his plan to become the puppet master of the kingdom.

Image result for castle
I feel like this is Carthya-like

He is brought from the streets, to a beautiful mansion, but more dangers might be hiding inside this beautiful home, then there are residing on the outside world. As mysteries keep unfolding, Sage finds himself in the middle of story that is yet to conclude.

Can Sage find a way to become, The False Prince? Find out in this heart stopping novel by Jennifer A. Neilson.


Image result for bookwormImage result for bookwormImage result for bookwormImage result for bookwormImage result for bookworm

(4 and a half bookworms)

-bookworm727 (Are there any books, movies or tv, shows you think I might like? Comment! Btw, if you like alien love stories, watch Star Crossed it’s a show that I just started watching on Netflix. I really like it!)



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