******First I would just like to point out that my blog is a no politics zone. (Not that anyone has actually said anything about the elections, because they haven’t). I don’t like the conflict that always ensues in a conversation about politics.

And now for the book talk.(p.s. I have decided that instead of actually critiquing books, I am going to talk about books, kind of like a book club, except with one person.


A few years ago I read The Mortal Instruments series, and I loved it. When I am reading most books I can make assumptions about the ending and they usually come out to be relatively true. However when I read The Mortal Instruments I was constantly surprised.

So when I heard about Cassandra Clare’s new companion series to the original books, I was intrigued. (There is also another companion series that she already made, but it is in the past, and it didn’t really interest me.) Image result for lady midnight

So I purchased the book and I have been reading it, and it seems to be very different from her first series, especially the characters and the style of writing. For example, in The Mortal Instruments, the books are in third person, and they are in one perspective. Lady Midnight is in third person as well, but it changes between perspectives.

The main character, Emma Carstairs, is very different from Clary Fairchild. Emma is very bad with authority, and she doesn’t believe in the laws of the Clave. Emma and Clary are two very different characters, and her ability to show the point of views of two different people, just helps to show how great of a writer Cassandra Clare is.

I am not far enough along in the book to know if this is true or not, but I have been told that sometime in the book, Jace and Clary show up, and I am really excited for that! I really miss those two, as well as all the others from The Mortal Instruments series.

So far I really like this book, and I can’t wait to see/ read what happens next!!!

– bookwurm 727 (p.p.s. if anyone has any werewolf books that they think I might like, put them in the comment section!!!)


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  1. I remember I read the Mortal Instruments Series a couple of years back and sort of forgot about it. Lady Midnight looks very promising and now I think I might have to go buy it!
    Also I like that your posts talk about books you don’t necessarily hear all the time, and it shows that you must put effort into these posts and really enjoy reading!

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