A Book That Shocks your imagination: Michael Vey- The Prisoner of Cell 25

Before I start with the review of this book, I’d like to thank all those who voted for the girls soccer team! Thanks to you we came in first place for the Ruden Report Team of the Week!

About the book:

Michael Vey is a 14 year old high schooler with unique abilities. Ever since he can remember he has had electric powers. It was lonely for him, because he though he was the one with these special abilities. He was wrong.

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He meets Taylor a cheerleader who has the ability to read minds, and together, with Michael’s best friend Ostin, who happens to be a genius, they set off to learn more about  these strange abilities. On the way, Michael’s mom gets kidnapped by a corporation controlled by a dangerously powerful man, who want to posses the electric children to eventually achieve world domination. Michael will have to rely on his friends, his powers and his wits if he want himself and his friends to survive this new and frightening world.


My thoughts

This is a truly electrifying tale that hooks readers the moment it begins. The characters are all well developed and you really care for them and you really dislike the people they are up against. The powers are all very interesting, and with the addition of Ostin, you can always gain new interesting facts about electricity, countries, or anything else he is thinking about at the time. If you enjoy reading books with danger, humor, likable characters with admirable qualities, a huge mess of emotions and less than favorable odds to survive, then this is the book for you. Because I had to wait so long between the time I read the books(due to the books not yet being published), there were times when I was between reading books 4 and 5, and 5 and 6 where I was almost going to stop reading, but if you stick with it, it will be worth your while.

Some of the books also leave off on cliffhangers, so if you don’t like waiting between cliffhangers and the next installment, I would recommend reading the books closer to when the next one comes out because these books favor them

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The series is going to be seven books, and the seventh and final book will be available next fall.


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What is your favorite food?

–  bookworm727



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